Why People Still Play Classic 3-Reel Slots?

Invented in 1887, the slot machine is be a genius way of making money, both for the one owning it and the one playing on it.

In present day, slots have invaded every casino on the planet, making nearly 70 % of the income in every casino in Las Vegas (the Mecca of Gambling). It has also turned out to be quite a profitable business online as well.

With the advancement of technology, the slots advanced as well. They became more and more complex, with all kinds of different bonus games, visual effects, and other advancements. Somehow, making slot machines more complicated lost them some of their glory. For many veteran players, the classic 3-reel slots are like the memory of a time when times were simpler.


3-reel slots have many advantages over the new modern era ones, the first is simplicity. When sitting on a classic 3-reeled slot machine, the player can actually relax and focus on playing the game. This is not the case with the newer ones, on which most of the time it is required for the player to take a step back and learn how to play, which takes up a lot of the pleasure from the game.

Another great advantage of the 3-reel slot machine is that it is easier for beginners to get into the game, as there are not many options that will make it harder for newcomers to understand. There are approximately 243 possible lines and the more lines you bet on, the more money you win. Also, the more lines you choose, the more you bet.

For example, if you choose 25 lines you multiply your bet by 25 times. The more lines you have, the more times your reward is multiplied. Taking this into consideration, it is up to you how much you want to bet, and by that you choose approximately how much you will win.

Strategy Is the Key to Victory, But Sometimes Luck Does the Job Better

There aren’t any strategies that you can use to ensure winning on a slot machine. Essentially, you are running on luck alone. Like other slot machines, it all works in favor of the house. This means that the odds of your winning are less than those of the house winning.

So if you win a bonus once or twice, stand up and do something else, or play a different machine. If you stay at the same machine, you will most likely eventually lose what you have won.

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