Extra Bonus Offers Built in Slot Machines

Since the day they debuted, many creators have been searching for ways to make slot machines more attractive to the masses. Since there were many efforts in that, in this article you will find some really exciting bonuses that appear in slot machines.

The Pachinko

The main best bonus in a Japanese slot machine is the so called Renchan bonus. This gift from the gods can make a single spin give you up to 10000 coins, but can also trigger the awful side effect known as House interest.

Every machine or casino owner has to make a profit, if a machine gives a bonus it is bound to get hungry any minute now and start eating your money like candy. If you win a bonus, it might be best to get up and go to a different machine. Thanks to this bonus, it is possible to win a great deal of money on a machine someone just lost on.

The Bonus Round

Many of the existing slot machines include a bonus round. This bonus is triggered by winning a certain spin and transports you to a completely new level where you have free spins that give you coins that stack up on your primary screen.

Most of the bonus rounds can be found on the 5-reeled and 7-reeled slot machines with the majority being on the 5-reeled versions.

Free Play Mode

Many of the existing online slot games have a free play mode, which allows the player to test the game before getting in and making bets. It is a good way to understand how the game works and what bonuses are given. The machine shows you how most aspects of the game work.

The Internet Reels

On the internet slot machines, the only thing that stops a bonus level from appearing is the lack of imagination of programmers. Here you can expect everything from “kill the zombies” to “dress the princes”

For example, there is the pick a box bonus that lets you pick boxes with different prizes in them. This makes the internet slot machines widely spread and interesting as to they can really apply to many different types of audience.

Video Games

In the game of Plants vs. Zombies, there is a mode called “The One Handed Zombie”, where you have to spin the reel in order to get plants and sun to help defend against the always hungry zombies.

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