Slots Basics or How to Play Slots

Slots gaming machines are very popular among the casino gamblers. This popular game is drawing more and more slots beginners with every day. And the beginners should know and understand the basics of slots games.

Slots Machine Parts

To begin with it is necessary to speak about the main slots machine parts.


Slots reels are the important mechanism of the slot gaming machines. Both mechanical and electronic slots possess reels. There could be a different number of slots reels. The typical slots have 3 or 5 reels.

Payout Table

The slot payout tables or payout schedules present the information about the payout percentage on the particular slot gaming machine. In online slots this information is presented in help section. Different slots possess different payout schedules.


All types of slots machines use the random number generator or RNG. This device is generating the completely random numbers all the time.

The Game Mechanics

The mechanics of the slots game is easy enough. The player just needs to place the money press the button or pull the arm wait for the outcome hope to have the same symbols in the row. Since the beginning of the slot history, the slots game is covering by a variety of slots myths. Most of them are false but nevertheless the new-comers should be acquainted with them.


The cheat can be a usual thing in the casinos. But the situation is not exactly the same when we speak about the online slots. The casino machines are adjusted and the payouts are set by the manufacturers. Online slots work the same way as they utilize identical algorithms. They can't make mistakes and they will not cheat the players.


Some kinds of slot machines possess several complements that make the game more pleasant and attractive for the gamblers. Here it is necessary to mention the bonus multipliers, the conditional bets, different additional bonuses and some kinds of surprises that are proposed in order to adapt the new slots players.

Progressive Jackpots

Some slots have progressive jackpots. Such jackpots can provide the gamblers with high winnings but unfortunately it can happen rather seldom. Progressive jackpots have the linked slot machines. This kind of jackpot is a big collective jackpot. Of course, there is no any guarantee that this or that player will win a progressive jackpot, but it is worth trying.

Good luck and enjoy gambling on slots!

Slot rules

Learn how to play slots - find out what are reels, paytables, levers and so on and so forth. Master gaming skills before you start playing the game for cash.

All the rules for playing slot machines explained in this article.

Slot strategies

To help you learn how to win slots we have collected most used slots strategies for newbies as well as professional players of slot machines. Learn all of them to use all chances to win slots.

Learn the most common slot strategies and special unique winning techniques by for playing at casino online.

Slot myths

Have you ever wondered how many myths and false strategies there are for your favorite games? In our article dedicated to slots myths you will learn most common ones for slots. Check whether your strategy is not in our list of most popular myths.