Era of Multi-Denomination Slot Machines

The technological progress never stops. And the sphere of gambling machines is not the exception. Few years ago the new brand multi-denomination slot machines were created and became popular among the types of slot.

The Main Traits

The multi-denomination slot machines give the players opportunity to select the value of each state. The value is chosen from the list of options. According to the gambler's choice the slot machine counts the quantity of player' credits and shows this information.


For example, if the gambler wants to wager two dollars per game he need just to find the multi-denomination slot machine and set the denomination he wants to play. There is no necessity for slot players to look for a concrete denomination of a special slot machine.


In the gambling world there is such a notion as "tokenization". It means "1 token purchases more than 1 credit". A tokenized slot mechanically calculates the quantity of player's credits received in exchange for inserted token.

Cash Out

When the slot player wants to collect the credits he needs to press "cash out" button. After the pressing of the button, the slot machine divides the quantity of credits by the value of 1 token and then returns the result.

Residual Credits

The residue of credits is called "residual credit". This credit can't be collected. The gambler can play with them or just abandon.

Advantages for Casinos

Many casinos prefer to place such coinless slot systems. Such gambling slot machines can help the casinos to reduce labor costs as there is no more need to empty the slot machines every evening. Also there is no need to have a special "hard count" room where the coins are sorted and counted. The staff could be also reduced. The slot workers, which were looking for a top condition of the hopper fills, will not have job any more.

Disadvantages for Slot Players

The casinos like the coinless slot machines as while playing such slots the gamblers can risk more money. The downfall however is that these players can't convert to other table games such as roulette, where the placement of chips are a primary function of the game. Playing classic coin machines the gamblers can play slower and with credits it is possible to play at a rapid rate.

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