New Technology of Pachislo Slot Machine

Japanese slot machines occupy the separate page in slot history of online and land-based casinos. Japanese slots are known as pachislo or pachisuro.


The Japanese regional variation of slots is originated from pachinko which is a traditional Japanese game. It is possible to find slots machines in pachinko parlors and also in in game centers.

Characteristic Traits

The pachislo slot machines totally differ from American slots. Japanese variation is much cheaper than the American analog and the gambling rules of pachislo are easy for understanding.

  • The pachislo slot machine is regulated with microchip and has 6 different levels which change the odds.
  • Japanese slots machines have LCD screens.
  • Japanese slots have better music effects.
  • There are more reels on Japanese slots.
  • Japanese slots are skill stop machines. The gambler decides when to stop the reels.
  • Japanese slots have knobs instead of the traditional handle.
  • The jackpot winners on Japanese slots obtain a predetermined amount of coins or money.

Unique Features


The stock is a kind of bonus accumulation. This stock includes bonuses which were collected but not obtained as the gambler did not manage to hit the bonus symbols during the game.


The Renchan is a situation when the slots player gets a number of bonuses in a row and takes the probable payouts of about 5000 and even 10000 coins.


The tenjō is the same thing as the ceiling. It is the maximum limit of games which could be played among the releasing of every Stock. Let's examine the example. Let us assume that the tenjō is 1600 games and till this moment there were 1590 games played. So, it is for sure that after next 10 games there will be the release of the Stock.

These three unique features of the Japanese slots named pachislo make this slot variation appealing for the players.

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