Random Number Generator and Gambling


Random number generator (abbreviation RNG) is an act that creates random numbers. Every random process may be used for random number generation (for example, a flip of a coin). Different applications of randomness led to the creation of different methods of random number generating. Some of them are known for people since ancient times, such as coin flipping, dice etc. The results of generating can be collected and presented in random number tables.

Random Numbers

Random numbers are sequences of digits that are spotted in random order. It is impossible to predict the individual digit knowing other digits because the digits are randomly ordered.

Random Number Tables

Random number tables are the lists of random numbers. Each digit in the random number table is originally and randomly chosen from the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0. All the digits have equal chances to be chosen.


There is an interesting question: are the random numbers truthfully random? Actually, the numbers which are produced by RNG in a slot gaming machine are not truly random. The obtained numbers are the outcome of a mathematical process. It is possible to calculate the next number knowing the value and the formula which is used by the random number generator.

Slot Machines and Random Number Generator

Nowadays all kinds of slot machines use a program Random Number Generator. The random number generators work uninterruptedly. The slot machines constantly put out the symbol combinations which the slot players can see on the slot machine. The combinations of numbers are produced few times in a second. If the slot player wants to win a jackpot, he needs to push the button exactly at the moment when the random number generator produces the winning number jackpot combination. But the cached of jackpot are really rare.

Slot history says that for the first time the RNG appeared as a part of slot machines in the 1970's. But they did not change the industry of slot gambling until 1980's. Random number generators propose options which were not available during the period of mechanical slot machines.

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