The Reel Slots Machines

There are few types of slot gaming machines. The classic variant is a reel slot machine. The reel slot machine acts the following way. First of all, the slot players need to by the ready for playing. They require having inserting coins or in-out tickets. To activate the machine, the gambler should pull the lever or push the button. The main goal of the game is winning money from slot machine.

The slots game entails matching symbols. The symbols are shown after the stop of a mechanical wheel.

The slots symbols are of bright colors and different images.


There are various types of three and five reel electromechanical machines. They are usually called "one-armed bandits". Since 2005 it is possible to meet hybrid slot machines in gaming houses. Such machines have combine elements of video slot machines and traditional mechanical reel machines

Differences Between Reel and Video Slots

There are differences between the mechanical reel slot machines and video slot machines. The reel slot machines usually have 3 or 5 paylines. While the video slot machines may have various number of paylines - 9, 15, 25, 100 etc.

Another important difference between two types of slots is the way of payout calculation. To win the highest jackpot with reel slot machines, the gambler needs to play the maximum amount of coins (as usual it is 3, 4, 5 coins per spin). While playing video slots, the fixed payout is augmented by the amount of coins per line which were bet by the player. So, in order to win more money playing reel slot machine, the gambler should act with the maximum number of available coins.


Let's take as an example the "Wheel of Fortune". There are both variant of this slot - reel mechanical and video. In order to get bonus or chances to win jackpot on reel machine, the player needs to bet 3 coins every spin. Gaming on video variant of "Wheel of Fortune" has exactly the same chances of getting bonuses or winning the highest jackpot.

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