Popular Regional Slot Variations

Slots gaming machines enjoy popularity all over the world. The slots game was created by German Charles Fey in 1887 and with time the slots got around many countries and continents. Nowadays it is possible to pick out five big groups of regional slot variations. Among them are the following - American, Australian, British slots, New Zealand pokies and Japanese pachislo slot machines.

American Variation

In the first place among the slots variety we have the American slots. The specific trait of these slots is the state regimentation. Another important thing to know about American slots is their classification. The slots in USA are of two main classes - II and III.

Australian Variation

The Australian slots are known as "pokies" and "poker machines". The use of video displays is an important feature of Australian slots. The Australian slots propose to the gamblers additional bonuses and also second-screen features, for example, bonus levels and free games.

Did you know?

It is a roulette myth that the temperature of coins effects the outcomes of the slots game. There is no matter which coins are in the game - cold, hot, old or new.

British Variation

The Gambling is an important act that influenced greatly the British slots. According to the Gambling commission, the slots in Britain are divided into four categories.

New Zealand Variation

The slots in New Zealand are called "pokies".

The slots in New Zealand are called "pokies". For the first time the New Zealand pokies became known for the gamblers in 1991. And unfortunately, nowadays gambling machines, including the pokies, present a big problem among the people of the country. The Ministry of health of New Zealand states that the pokies are the most harmful variation of gaming machines.

Japanese Variation

The slot gaming machines in Japan have an interesting history of creation. They are originated from a traditional Japanese game "pachinko". "Pachislo" is a term which combines the words "slot machine" and "pachinko". The distinguishing feature of the Japanese variation of slots is that the pachislo is a skill stop machine which means that it is up to the gambler to choose when to stop the slot reels.

Here is the regional slot variations roundup and the players can know more during the exciting slot game.

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