Slot Payout Variety

All slot machines have payout schedules. Different payout schedules - different winning payouts. Straight slot machines have a payout schedule that corresponds to the amount of coins which were bet by the player.

Theoretical Payout Percentage

Typically, the slot gaming machines are preplanned for paying the winnings from 82 to 98% of the wagered money. It is a theoretical payout percentage or "return to player". This percentage is different. It depends from jurisdiction and it is also established by regulation or law. For example, in New Jersey the minimum payout is 78%.

Flat Top Slots Payout

Flat top slots (or straight slots, or non-progressive slots) are the slot gambling machines with a set jackpot. Such machines offer constant combination of payouts and betting odds. It is possible to meet the non-progressive slots over the Internet. They provide the best payouts.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Payout

Progressive jackpot slots are the opposite variant to the non-progressive slots. With the arrival of these slots gaming machines, the ceiling of the jackpot augmented in thousands and millions. Many progressive slots provide the best payouts. To begin with, progressive slots have a starting winning amount. This amount will be multiplied till someone wins the big prize. There is a category of slot players who are looking for so-called "mature" or "ripe" progressive jackpots. It means the jackpots which were not paid for some period of time. Such jackpots have the best percentage of payouts.

It is possible to meet the linked progressive slots machines (or network progressive slots machines). There the gamblers can find the highest payout slots. Such slots machines can be linked throughout the world or just throughout USA. The linked progressive slots are ideal for gambling in casinos online. If someone plays on a progressive slot machine, the jackpot increases. So, it is possible that the jackpot will increase every hour and daily before someone wins.

Importance of the Payout Schedule

It is very important to pay attention to the payout schedules. It is not good when the gamblers pay attention only to the maximum payout. On the contrary, it is advised to notice the symbol combinations with the lower winning. Choosing the slots providing the most winnings for medium and low symbol combinations can help the players to stay longer in the game. Such combinations will be hit the most often. It is not reasonable to choose the slot machine for gambling just because of its high maximum payout. The chances to win at such machine are considerably lower. So, it's highly recommended to examine all payout schedules before the beginning of the game.

Slot rules

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