Important Aspects of Slots Machines Etiquette

While gambling in casinos it is very important to observe special rules which are known as the game etiquette. Unfortunately, many slot players do not realize the importance of their behavior which in reality can affect the success of their gambling. Here are the important slots machines etiquette tips.

  1. Dealing with a particular slot. Before the beginning of the game the player should determine to deal or not with a particular slot. If the answer "yes", the player needs to know some piece of advice how to show that the slot machine is occupied (in case when the player is not near the slot machine for a certain period of time). He or she can do it in the following ways:

    • to suspend a coin cup over the slot gripe;
    • the coin cup can be placed on the seat;
    • a personal player's item can be left on the seat (for example, jacket).

    If someone left the described signals, other players should respect it and chose another machine for gambling.

  2. Sitting and not playing. The slots beginners should not sit near the reel slot machines. The chairs are put there for the gamblers and not for the people who just want to have a rest. The casino workers can easily notice when somebody is just sitting and do not give other players the possibilities to play slots.
  3. Somebody's card. There could be cases in casinos when the players leave their cards in a slot machine or just loose them. If other player notices it, he or she needs to put the card on the top of the slot where it could be easily seen.
  4. Smoking. Most of the casinos allow smoking. The smokers should respect other gamblers and put their ashtrays the way they will not hinder them.
  5. Tipping. It is an interesting question how much money to give to the attendant bringing the winnings. Online casinos do not have tipping. And in land-based casinos it is recommended to tip 1 half of 1% of the jackpot.

So, every slots player should know and follow these easy tips of slots machines etiquette.

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