The Most Popular Slots Myths and the Truth about Them

The well-known around the world casino game named "slots" was born according to the slot history in 1887. And nowadays this game is very popular among the gamblers and it is surrounded by many myths. Let's examine the most popular slots myths.

  1. Someone won a jackpot on the machine that had just been left by you. And if you have just played longer you would have won it. It is not true as the slots machines work with the help of random number generator. The random number generator works all the time. It is very doubtful that you will stop the RNG at the exact moment to get the same number combination.
  2. To play all the time with the maximum bet. In reality it is one of the most spread slots myths among the gamblers which think that the highest payout % can be achieved by playing the maximum bet. This statement can only be truth while speaking about the progressive jackpots. In other cases it is indispensable to observe the slot payout table before starting betting.
  3. If someone have played a concrete machine for many times and have not managed to win the jackpot, so it is already time for hitting it. It is false. The odds of hitting the jackpot are always rest the same. The slot machines are not appropriate.
  4. Betting one coin will bring the win. The success of the slots game does not depend on the amount of the player's bet.
  5. Knowing the winning odds by calculating the symbols on every wheel. It is not so as the random number generator generates numbers for every spin. And the numbers coincide with symbols on the slot reel. There could be different virtual stops that can't always been seen. Generating of millions of combinations provide the players with large paybacks.
  6. The temperature of coins affects the pays. It is false. The temperature has not any effect. No matter which coins are in the game - new, old, hot or cold.
  7. The location of slots machines is important. There is an opinion that casinos place the slots with the highest winning probability in less popular zones and vice versa.
So, here is the list of the most popular myths associated with slots machines. And the players should be acquainted with them and understand their real meaning.

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