Themed Video Slots: Ancient Times

When micro chips were invented it paved the way for a revolution in slots. Game designers quickly realized that with the use of microchips it was possible to develop a slot with no mechanical moving parts.

The first video slot appeared in 1975 and the format was based on mechanical slots. It was invented by Walt Farley and was named Fortune Coin. Farley believed that this would revolutionize slot playing but many players were skeptical. The screen on the video slot was a representation of a classic slot. In 1976, IGT purchased the copyright of Fortune Coin, and they utilized a massive advertising campaign to win over slot players which succeeded.


The developers quickly realized that a 5 wheel machine represented greater challenges for players. This gives players the illusion that they have a greater chance of attaining a winning line. With the rapid advances in technology in the 1980’s and 90’s, it allowed game designers to open their horizons and start to develop themed video slots.

These themed video slots were based around elements of popular culture. Graphics and sound tracks were introduced; an example of this would be Cleopatra. Cleopatra is set in Egypt with a background of dessert, pyramids, the sphinx and Cleopatra herself makes an appearance. The sound track consists of pseudo Egyptian music.

Casino managements realized the potential of these new themed video slots almost immediately. They introduced rows of new machines but retained a selection of classic slots. This could be called “hedging your bets”. The Casinos realized that if they removed all the classic slots they would be denying established gamers their preferred method of gaming.

This introduced another element of choice for the gamer. It also helped casinos to attract a younger more adventurous set of gamers – a new generation of gamers who have been born into the new technological era.

The Future

It is almost impossible to know where technology will take the next generation of gamers. What will the new generation of themed video games be like? What new innovations will be incorporated into themed video games?

Casinos have always been forward thinking and they realize the importance of new gamers but they also understand that established gamers need to be catered to. The casino bosses know that if they remove what is their lifeblood, slots in all forms, they would be losing vast amounts revenue.

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