Who Chooses to Play Slots?


There is no evidence that there is a clear class distinction between those that do play slots and those that do not. Although the poorest in society will not be able to spend extended time playing slots due to their lack of income. Gambling is a habit or at its most serious, an addiction. Addiction has no class barriers. It can affect anyone at anytime. Some of the causes of addiction can be loneliness, bereavement, boredom or stress.

A person who does not find it easy to make friends and acquaintances may be drawn into a casino where they are anonymous. They do not have to speak to anyone just sit in front of the slots and play. They may occasionally have to talk to a cashier to obtain change.

A person who has suffered bereavement could be drawn to a casino where they are surrounded by other people – strangers but do not have to interact with them.

A person who is suffering from boredom or stress may be encouraged in to a casino to lose themselves in another world, the world of fantasy and hope. They are all secretly hoping that it will be their turn to win the jackpot today but of course it isn’t. This makes them feel a false sense of hope, so they return time after time looking for fulfillment. This is the essence of addiction.


There is no evidence that age has a great bearing on those who play slots. It could be an elderly person looking to kill time, a middle aged person who has nothing better to do with their time or a youngster who equally has nothing better to do with their time. There are strict laws in place, in most countries, that state the legal age a minor can make use of the facilities of a casino. These are normally strictly adhered to by the management of casinos as there can be severe financial penalties for breaking them.


There is no clear evidence that gender has a bearing on who plays slots. There are certain times of the day when the working professional, either male or female, would not be in a casino due to their obligations. Men and women are both equally susceptible to addiction.

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