Bonuses Offered for Slot Machine Players

Many online casinos offer tremendous incentives to new players to join them. These normally take the form of a cash bonus or free spins.

Welcome Bonus

Virtually all online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new members. These are basically an incentive to encourage you to join their casino.

What Form Do Bonuses Take?

There are two main categories.

Firstly, a cash bonus is offered to new members as an incentive to encourage them to spend more money. You will be encouraged to spend more money as soon as your credit balance has been used.

Secondly, free spins are offered. The bonus may take the form of a quantity of free spins to encourage you spend more. These free spins are not usually available until the customer has lodged a stated amount of money into their credit account with the online casino.

Why Do Online Casinos Do This?

There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, it is offered as an enticement to encourage a player to join their particular casino. We all like to think that we are getting something for nothing so it is playing to our subconscious – luring us in. Secondly, it makes us feel that the casino is being generous and cares about us. Thirdly, they can afford to make offers like these because they understand that we are going to stay loyal and spend more money. Fourthly, online casinos have only a small fraction of the overhead costs that a real casino has.

Rewards Programs

Most casinos will offer their members incentives to recommend new players to join. The casino will ask their members to supply e-mail addresses of friends and family so that they can invite them to join. It is playing to our subconscious, making us feel that we are special, valued customers. When a friend or family member joins and deposits an agreed amount into their new account then the recommender is credited with an agreed amount of money.

It is normally money or virtual cash but sometimes can take the form of free spins. Reward cash cannot be withdrawn as hard cash but has to be used for gaming purposes. Some online casinos will offer members other types of incentives like loyalty programs.

These normally take the form of free cash bonuses when a member reaches a certain level of spending they are then entitled to a reward.

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