All About Slot Machine Clubs

There are two varieties of slot machine clubs. The first is operated in a similar manner to a rewards club or loyalty scheme in casinos. The second is dedicated to people who collect slot machines.

Slot Machine Clubs

In America, casinos introduced what is called a “comp”. A player registers with the casino, receives a plastic card similar in size to a credit or debit card. Before the player commences playing, he enters the plastic card into a slot in their chosen machine. The machine then collates information about the quantity of money the player spends and the length of time the player plays on the machine. This information is used by the casino to identify the level of comps each player is entitled to. The more money and the more time a player uses in the machines, then the greater the rewards will be.

A comp is a very small percentage of the bets placed by a player on card slot machines. Comps may be exchanged for complimentary food and drinks, accommodation in hotels, in some cases articles from a casino store or as a cash back reward. This is now spreading to online gambling sites.

Slot Machine Clubs For Collectors

As slot machines have been in existence for more than 100 years, it is inevitable that there will be enthusiasts and super-enthusiasts who adore slots games, and the machines themselves. Casinos have recognized the fact that some enthusiasts will only play manual machines or just watch other players play these machines. Human nature being, what it is, encourages people to take up hobbies. For those dedicated to manual slot machines what could be better than owning one for themselves? There is now a healthy market for the sale of old manual slot machines. There are many collectors that will pay considerable sums of money to own certain machines.

Clubs of collectors and enthusiasts have developed. There are forums where enthusiasts can discuss the joys and the merits of owning their own slot machines. Some clubs will hold monthly meetings and maybe an annual or bi-annual auction of old manual slot machines. These clubs have become the focus of many players by retaining what many believe is the essence of gambling, using a manual slot machine.

With the advent of the internet, it has made the world smaller and is now much easier for enthusiasts to keep in touch. It also allows collectors to monitor where the most desirable machines are being offered either for sale or by auction.

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