Slot Machine Cheats

Slot machines can be qualified as the most popular casino game. Slot machines make about 80% of the casino's profits. The slots popularity pushed the players to the creation of various methods of cheating. Many methods of slot machines cheats are known since the time of the beginning of the slot history.

Here is the list of some ways of slot machines cheats.


The use of string and the coin can be the easiest method of cheating. The idea of this method is the following - it is necessary to tape a sting to a coin. Then insert the coin into the slot. And when the coin is registered the player should pull it back to him. This is the way to add more credits and do not spend anything. The players who use this cheating method sometimes are called Yo-Yo players because their actions remind of playing with Yo-Yo.

Actually nowadays it is almost impossible to use this method of cheating as the modern slot machines are equipped with the devices which prevent the players from returning back the coins.

Fake Bills

Some counterfeit bills can be used like a cheating method. The players place counterfeit money into the bill validator. Such bills can be not detected by the specific electronic machine of the validator. They will be detected only after the emptying of the slots machines.

Foreign Coins

Some people notice the resemblance of several foreign coins with American currency. They start to use them while gambling.

Coin Imitation

To use this method it is necessary to possess a special device which simulates the signals that the coins are already in the slot gaming machine. Sometimes on several machines it is even possible to "insert" hundreds of coins. Using this way of slot machines cheats, the gambler does not need to play through all the counterfeit money. He needs to cash out in order to turn the counterfeit money into the real.


Slugs are things from metal which have exactly the same form as the coins. When they are inserted into the slot, they look similar to the coins (the same magnetic properties and weight). When the currency is counted from the gaming slots, the cheaters can be caught for the illegal use of slugs.


Mini-lights can be also used while cheating the slots. The cheaters' mini-lights (with a battery and a light emitter) are turned on nearly to the slot's light sensor. In such way the slot machine is blocked and can't notice how many coins were inserted into it. But nowadays this method is not very efficient as modern slots have safeguards against this kind of cheating manipulations.

Sad Reality

The reality is such that the slot machines cheats are often caught. When the slot players win a lot, they are placing immediately under the casino control. And unfortunately many cheaters spend their time behind the bars.

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