Slot Players

Slot players are a big category of gamblers who bring about 80% of casino's total benefits. The specific researches of players showed that there are two principal types of slot players. Of course, there are also other types but the main types are - the persistent player and the chaser.

Persistent Player

The persistent players are the slot players who believe that they will win very soon, in the near future. The very next second the slot machine will provide the players with winnings. Such gamblers tend to believe that the possibility of payout is imminent, that the random number generator did not work in concordance with the other players' minds.

The persistent slot players trust that if they leave the game after they have placed much money into the slot machine, the next payouts would be enormous and very quick.

Many years ago when the players managed to get the payouts, they touched the coins to know their temperature - were they hot or cold. If the obtained coins were hot that meant that the slot machines had not paid out. As the heat of the slots lights will heat the coins with time.

The slot players believe in different slots myths. If they see, for example, 7 on the 1st pay line and 7 on the second line and the next 7 is in the row below, they know that the next spin will bring them the victory and it will be a line of 7s. But no, the next spin has all the possibilities to be blank.


Chasers are the second type of slot players. They think that when a slot machine has been already left by the players, the other players were waiting their turn to play standing around the corner. The chasers believe that slots are not the machines which never pay. Players feel themselves more confident when they were reinforced with win and trust the slot machine. Such players usually have a kind of comfort existing between them and the slot machine.

Playing Manner

The chasers and persistent players use specific strategies while gambling. They usually have arguments which support this or that playing style. These two types of players can rationalize the manner they play. But actually the random factor is present in every slot machine. Slots have certain percentage of payouts.

The typologization of slot players is based on the psychological type of a person. And which type of slot player are you?

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