What to Choose: Classic, Video or 3D Slots?

What to choose: Classic, Video or 3D slots? What differences are there between the three types of Slots? Slots are the life blood of a casino. The ratio of slots to other games is always much higher.

  1. Classic Slots
  2. The classic slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in the United States. It is accredited to him as being invented in 1887 but there is some debate that it could have been as late as 1895. It contained three reels with each one having 5 images on it. The principle was to match three images and win a prize. The machine we now call a classic slot was based on Feys’ designs. The player inserted a coin into the slot allowing him to play and gamble on the outcome of the spin – win or lose. The machine was operated by pulling a lever, located on the side of the machine, downwards.

  3. Video Slots
  4. Video slots are relatively recent evolvement of the classic slots. There are no mechanical moving parts. They are powered by “pseudo random number generators (PRNG)” which create random numbers at the rate of thousands per second. There is no lever to depress just a “start” button. When a player inserts a coin the PRNG is activated and randomly chooses the winning line. A player may choose combinations of winning lines but this will increase the stake. The payout rate is set by the casino.

  5. 3D Slots
  6. 3D slots are the next generation after video slots. It combines the technologies of both classic slots and video slots. The difference is that it utilizes 3D technology in the same way as a 3D television does. The convenience of this means that if you want to play at home or any where else the technology is at your finger tips.

How can an individual decide which of the three options to choose? It is basically attributed to personal taste. 3D slots can be played anywhere as can video slots on a PC or mobile ‘phone. If you are looking for the “thrill of a classic slot” then it has to be at a casino or other licensed premises. It may be that in the future with ever expanding and developing technologies that the classic will become a thing of the past. The younger generations are brought up in an environment of rapidly developing technology. Only time will tell.

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